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It All Started In 1972. In 1972, when Joe Gillis supplied his first country store with Shell Oil fuel near Columbus, Mississippi. After traveling the country for many years as an employee of Royal Dutch Shell, Joe launched Dutch Oil Company in Columbus, with the...

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Contact Us Columbus, MS Office PO Box 2323 Columbus, MS 39704 662-327-5202 Grenada, MS Office PO Box 1458 Grenada, MS 38901 662-226-0167 Huntsville, AL Office P.O. Box 2676 Huntsville, AL 35804 256-539-8778 Victory Energy, LLC – Tupelo Office 790 E. Main Street...

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Properties For Sale To inquire for more information on the below properties, please call 662.327.5202. 1500 Highway 45 North, Columbus, MS Frontage and access from both Hwy 45N and Old Aberdeen Rd. Approx. 0.662 acres (approx. 27,000 square feet) Zoned C-3 Highway...

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Careers You will be redirected to another page to view all available positions available at the Dutch Oil Company....

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Dutch Dealers Dutch Oil Company has been supplying high quality fuel and fuel services to convenience store and other small business owner/operators in Mississippi and Alabama for over 40 years. Whether you run a single store or operate a large chain, Dutch Oil...