Dutch Oil Response to Customer Complaint

On June 25th a customer reported an incident to Dutch Oil Company, claiming that the fuel he purchased from a station in West Point contained water. In the days since the incident, his story has been widely circulated on a popular social media platform, with many people expressing strong opinions on the matter. While that process was unfolding socially, Dutch Oil Company and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce Petroleum Products Inspection Division (the state regulatory agency responsible for insuring that “the people who purchase petroleum products and motor fuels get the amount that they pay for as well as the quality they expect”) have been conducting separate thorough investigations into the matter to determine answers to a couple of questions:

1. Is there any indication that the water in the customer’s fuel may have come from the store in question?
2. Is there any water currently present in the fuel tanks at the store that may pose a risk to the vehicles of current and future customers?

Both Dutch Oil Company and the MDAC – Petroleum Products Inspection Division have determined – through separate and independent investigations – that there is no indication that the water in the customer’s fuel came from the store in question. Both investigations also concluded that there is currently no water present in any of the fuel tanks at the store. You can view a copy of the MDAC’s official report at the link below.

MDAC Water Test Report – C-Mart 6-30-17

Any questions regarding the MDAC’s report should be addressed directly to the MDAC. The agency’s contact information is located here. Every fuel grade at each Mississippi retail fueling location is regularly inspected by the MDAC and authorized for sale to the public using the small Mississippi-shaped stickers found on the dispensers.

Dutch Oil Company is committed to providing 100% of its customers with quality products and unparalleled service. Click here for more information on Dutch Oil’s Fuel Promise. Any questions for Dutch Oil Company can be submitted via the “Contact Us” form on this page or by calling one of the numbers listed on the “Contact” page.

Sprint Mart Growing in Tupelo

Aerial photo showing the new Sprint Mart #37 and the empty dirt pad where the old store used to be located.

Tupelo, MS – Sprint Mart #37 is receiving a major facelift.  Located at the intersection of McCullough Blvd. and Coley Rd., the store has been an extremely popular stop for Tupelo residents for many years.  However, it had simply outgrown its four walls.  Due to increasing demand for fresh food, convenient fuel options, cold beer, and great customer service, Sprint Mart has built a new, state-of-the-art store directly behind the old store.

The new store began operating earlier this month, prior to demolition of the old store.  It features a full-line Chix deli program, Hot Stuff Pizza, Best Bean Coffee, a large walk-in Beer Cave, large restrooms, a separate diesel fueling island, and Shell-branded fuel products.  The store is operated by Victory Marketing, LLC (dba Sprint Mart).

Founded in 1972 in Columbus, MS, Dutch Oil Company has been selling fuel and convenience to local communities for over 40 years.  Customers, Dealers, and employees trust Dutch Oil Company to bring exceptional service and innovation to the fuel and convenience business.

Sprint Mart in Natchez named “Business of the Month”

Sprint Mart #64 in Natchez, MS was selected as the April Business of the Month by the City of Natchez, Adams County Board of Supervisors, Natchez Business & Civic League, and Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce.

Natchez, MS – Sprint Mart #64 was recently named “Business of the Month” by the City of Natchez.  The new store was opened in November 2016 and is located in the Historic District of Natchez, at the fork of East Franklin St. and John A Quitman Blvd.  It features Sprint Mart fuel with 12 fueling positions, a full-line fresh Chix deli, Best Bean coffee, and a large walk-in beer cave. 

Designed in the antebellum style of popular Natchez landmarks, like the Rosalie and Linden mansions, the store has received rave reviews from locals and visitors alike.

Founded in 1972 in Columbus, MS, Dutch Oil Company has been selling fuel and convenience to local communities for over 40 years.  Customers, Dealers, and employees trust Dutch Oil Company to bring exceptional service and innovation to the fuel and convenience business.

Dutch Oil Directs Shell Funds to Local Non-Profits

January 26, 2017 (Columbus, MS) – Shell, Motiva Enterprises, and Dutch Oil company teamed up to deliver $40,000 in funding to two Columbus-area non-profit organizations whose mission is devoted to helping men and women recover from drug/alcohol dependence.  Shell donated $20,000 to both The Last House on the Block (a sober-living home for men) and Recover House (a residential rehabilitation and transitional living facility for women). 

Representatives from Recovery House and The Last House on the Block accept $20,000 checks from Shell/Motiva. Representatives from Dutch Oil and Shell/Motiva were also on hand for the presentation.

Through its Mystery Motorist Program, Shell enforces a policy that bans the sale of drug paraphernalia from stores utilizing its brand.  When a Shell outlet fails to adhere to this policy, its operator is fined and those funds are redirected to charities around the country that are nominated by Shell wholesalers.  In 2016, over $400,000 was redistributed in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.  Dutch Oil nominated Last House on the Block and Recovery House because of the excellent work each organization does to help men and women turn away from destructive life choices.

Local CBS affiliate, WCBI did a feature story on the donations.  That feature story is available here.

Dutch Oil Opens Newest Sprint Mart Location in Starkville

Starkville, MS – Dutch Oil Company opened a brand new Sprint Mart store at US Hwy 12 and South Montgomery Rd. in Starkville today.  The state-of-the-art convenience store is open 24/7/365 and features a wide array of popular amenities, including:

  • Sprint Mart’s own Chix Fried Chicken and Catfish cooked fresh throughout the day
  • Hunt Brothers Pizza available by the slice or pie
  • Sprint Mart’s own Best Bean coffee served fresh all day and night
  • A large Beer Igloo with an impressive selection of ice-cold brews
  • A large cooler featuring many choices in bottled beverages
  • Frozen beverage bar with over 10 different flavors to choose from
  • A large fountain beverage selection
  • Comfortable restrooms for the wary traveler
  • An impressive selection of tobacco and vapor products

The new-and-improved Sprint Mart fueling center features:

  • 16 fueling positions underneath a brightly-lit canopy
  • Six different types of fuel to meet all of your fueling needs (Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, Flex Fuel/E85, Diesel, and Non-Ethanol)
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Easy ingress/egress

Dutch Oil Making Infrastructure & Security Investments

Columbus, MS – Dutch Oil Company has begun an aggressive infrastructure project focused on upgrading its payment terminals to accommodate the increased security of EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) technology – more commonly known as “chip cards.”  By teaming up with industry-leading partners, like Shell, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Wayne Fueling Systems, Heartland Payment Systems, and VeriFone, Dutch Oil is installing new payment terminals inside its stores and at many of its fuel dispensers that will allow customers to pay with confidence.

Sprint Mart #4125 in Starkville, MS features EMV-capable terminals at all four payment terminals inside the store and EMV hardware at all 8 fuel dispensers.


Dutch Oil Company is proud to be ahead of the curve with this data security initiative.  While the credit card brands, point-of-sale manufacturers, and software developers are still a long way from completing all software required to process every type of chip card at all terminals, Dutch Oil is moving forward and installing the necessary hardware so that its customers’ purchases are processed with maximum security as soon as software becomes available.

Founded in 1972 in Columbus, MS, Dutch Oil Company has been selling fuel and convenience to local communities for over 40 years.  Customers, Dealers, and employees trust Dutch Oil Company to bring exceptional service and innovation to the fuel and convenience business.


Common Fuel Efficiency Myths


Motor vehicle fuel is not cheap.  At Dutch Oil Company, we understand this simple fact and work extremely hard to use it efficiently.  However, with many experts chiming in on the issue of fuel efficiency, there are many common myths circulating via word-of-mouth.  Be on the lookout for these common misconceptions and keep in mind: when it comes to fuel-efficiency, there is no substitute for safe, common-sense driving.

A tank nearly full prevents evaporation
While not letting your car run low on fuel may be a good idea if you’re traveling in an isolated area, the thought that a fuel tank more full than empty will prevent fuel from evaporating inside the tank is off-base. Cars of yesteryear may have allowed gas vapors to escape into the air, but fuel systems in modern vehicles are designed with vapor recovery systems. Some vehicles with pressurized fuel systems even display a check engine light if the gas cap is loose, missing or not properly sealed.

Shifting into neutral at stops
This is a myth that may have applied when engines required carburetors. Today’s vehicles have computerized fuel-injection systems that sense if an engine is revving above idle when you ease off the accelerator. If that happens, the fuel injectors shut off, so gas is no longer injected into the engine, even if the car is still in gear. The only thing you accomplish by constantly shifting in and out of neutral is premature wear on shift components.

Manual transmissions get better mileage
Years ago, your transmission choices were usually a 5-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic. Manual transmissions almost always achieved better mileage because a reasonably skilled driver could control engine revs through efficient shifting. But today’s high-tech automatic transmissions are typically more competent and efficient than a driver using the combination of a clutch and stick shift. Few Americans learn how to properly drive a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, and given that a “stick” is usually reserved for high-performance cars, it’s difficult for the average driver to squeeze the best possible mileage out of a car with a clutch.

A dirty air filter leads to lower mileage
The engines in older vehicles pulled air straight through the air filter into the carburetor, so a clogged filter could affect gas mileage to some degree. But today’s advanced engines have a computerized engine control module (ECM) to precisely regulate the air-to-fuel ratio. In a modern vehicle, air goes through the filter and then through a mass airflow sensor that lets the ECM gauge the airflow and adjust the fuel accordingly; less airflow means less fuel is sent to the engine. While gas mileage may not be affected, dirty air filters can lead to sluggish acceleration.

Filling up when it’s cooler gets you more gas
For years, a myth has persisted that if you buy gas in the cooler part of the day — say in the morning during summer — you get more for your money, since a cooler liquid is denser. This theory may sound plausible when you’re at the pump during the heat of the day. At filling stations, however, gasoline is almost always pumped from storage tanks underground that are naturally insulated from large temperature swings. Because of this, any slight change in the temperature of the gas is so small you wouldn’t notice any appreciable savings.

Cruise control saves gas
Since a vehicle’s cruise control system is designed to maintain a constant speed, most drivers assume it will help them save fuel. On long highway trips on generally flat terrain, that may be true. But you’ve probably experienced the sudden acceleration that cruise control systems create when confronted with an incline in elevation. That rapid acceleration burns a lot of fuel, as if you mashed the gas pedal yourself. An alert driver anticipating an upcoming incline will typically apply pressure to the gas pedal slowly as needed to maintain speed without the sudden engine revs caused by cruise control.

Gas mileage drops as vehicles age
If you don’t maintain your vehicle, of course its performance will degrade and so will fuel efficiency. But if you keep your vehicle properly maintained and see to any needed repairs, you shouldn’t see any noticeable decline in fuel economy. Regardless, some of maintenance items to address as a vehicle gets older include dirty fuel injectors, defective oxygen sensors, worn spark plugs and plug wires, and a defective or leaky gas cap.

Topping off the tank helps gas mileage
Do you continue to add gas to your car even after the gas-station pump automatically shuts off, indicating that the tank is full? Many people think that by topping off their tanks they’re getting as much fuel as possible into the car and thus can go just a bit farther between fill-ups. The reality is that after your tank is full and your gas nozzle shuts off, any additional gas is drawn into a gas station’s vapor recovery system — and back into its storage tanks. And according to AAA, you could even damage your car’s evaporative emissions system by topping off your tank.

Lowering a truck’s tailgate improves mileage
Drivers of pickup trucks have long assumed that lowering the tailgate is better for aerodynamics and therefore improves gas mileage. But according to Diane Bloch, an aerodynamic-performance engineer for General Motors, driving with the tailgate up is actually more aerodynamically efficient. She says that as air flows over the truck, it falls over the cab and pushes forward on the rear of the truck. The benefits of that airflow are diminished when the tailgate is down. Bloch says that replacing the tailgate with an aftermarket net is worse than having no tailgate at all; she compares it to a boat dragging a fishing net through water.

Shell Launches New Motorist App for iPhone and Android

Download the official Shell Motorist app for iPhone and Android and get the most out of driving.

The new Shell Motorist app is designed to help you get more out of driving, and to give you Shell information at your fingertips:

  • It can help keep you on top of your vehicle’s maintenance – use the reminder service to receive alerts when your vehicle’s tax, servicing, insurance or annual check-up are due.
  • Our route planner is designed to help you find the best way to your destination and to estimate the cost of your journey.
  • The station locator shows your nearest Shell service stations to help you fill up with ease once out on the road.
  • You can also see information on Shell highlights and products.

In the interest of safety, please note that this app should not be used whilst driving.

For iPhone
For Android

Download and install via iTunes (opens in new window)

Download and install via Android Market (opens in new window)


For more information on the Shell Motorist app for iPhone and Android, please visit www.shell.us.


Victory Marketing Named “Top 20 Growth Chain” by CSNews

CSNews.com – Victory Marketing, LLC was recently named by Convenience Store News as one of the “Top 20 Growth Chains in the US”.  By opening 13 new stores in 2012, Victory Marketing, which does business under the name Sprint Mart, expanded its store count by 18.6%, ranking #5 in % increase, among the top 20 chains.  Victory Marketing ranked T-17 in total store growth.

See the chart below (courtesy of www.CSNews.com) for the entire list.

For more information, visit www.csnews.com or look for the March print issue of Convenience Store News.

Learn more about Sprint Mart at www.sprintmart.com.