Dutch Oil Response to Customer Complaint

On June 25th a customer reported an incident to Dutch Oil Company, claiming that the fuel he purchased from a station in West Point contained water. In the days since the incident, his story has been widely circulated on a popular social media platform, with many people expressing strong opinions on the matter. While that process was unfolding socially, Dutch Oil Company and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce Petroleum Products Inspection Division (the state regulatory agency responsible for insuring that “the people who purchase petroleum products and motor fuels get the amount that they pay for as well as the quality they expect”) have been conducting separate thorough investigations into the matter to determine answers to a couple of questions:

1. Is there any indication that the water in the customer’s fuel may have come from the store in question?
2. Is there any water currently present in the fuel tanks at the store that may pose a risk to the vehicles of current and future customers?

Both Dutch Oil Company and the MDAC – Petroleum Products Inspection Division have determined – through separate and independent investigations – that there is no indication that the water in the customer’s fuel came from the store in question. Both investigations also concluded that there is currently no water present in any of the fuel tanks at the store. You can view a copy of the MDAC’s official report at the link below.

MDAC Water Test Report – C-Mart 6-30-17

Any questions regarding the MDAC’s report should be addressed directly to the MDAC. The agency’s contact information is located here. Every fuel grade at each Mississippi retail fueling location is regularly inspected by the MDAC and authorized for sale to the public using the small Mississippi-shaped stickers found on the dispensers.

Dutch Oil Company is committed to providing 100% of its customers with quality products and unparalleled service. Click here for more information on Dutch Oil’s Fuel Promise. Any questions for Dutch Oil Company can be submitted via the “Contact Us” form on this page or by calling one of the numbers listed on the “Contact” page.

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