Dutch Oil Fuel Promise

At Dutch Oil, your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. That is why we take very seriously our responsibility to sell only the highest quality fuel products. If you feel like you have not received a quality product, give us a call or leave us a message on this page describing the issue. Please have the following information available:

– Address or location of store where fuel was purchased
– Receipt from purchase (showing the date and time of purchase)
– (if claim involves vehicle damage) Repair invoice from a Qualified Technician who holds an A8 certification from the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
– Proof of payment of repair invoice

Upon receipt of this information, Dutch Oil will initiate an investigation into the claim. This investigation may be conducted by Dutch Oil and/or a third party acting on Dutch Oil’s behalf. As part of its investigation, Dutch Oil may look into fuel delivery and purchase records, observe video footage, conduct fuel tests, consult with fuel transport vendors, and take other action, as deemed necessary in order to attempt to definitively determine whether the product purchased was of poor quality.

In order for us to finalize processing of your claim, a repair invoice from a Qualified A8 technician must be included as well as proof of payment. The invoice must be legible and show the problems that existed were related to fuel quality. Only repairs made by an ASE certified A8 mechanic will be reimbursed. Estimates, quotes, and any other non-completed work will not be accepted in lieu of an invoice. Dutch Oil Co. reserves the right to investigate all claims. By making a claim, the claimant agrees to cooperate with Dutch Oil and/or any third party acting on Dutch Oil’s behalf. Additionally, the technician who signs the technician form, agrees to cooperate with Dutch Oil or any third party acting on Dutch Oil’s behalf. Failure to complete this process and send in all completed documents within 30 days of the incident may result in denial of the claim. Claimants who process fraudulent claims will be prosecuted. Dutch Oil reserves the right to deny any claim that cannot be proven with full validity.